Rihanna - Dancing In The Dark

Selasa, 23 Oktober 2012


Sometimes, the fact that is painful. And that could make me feel recovered was crying as loud as possible. The fact can not be changed. Sometimes we feel the above, sometimes we fall. who knows what can make me feel the full spirit of doing this. Write it down on a piece of paper? It does not completely make my spirit. Writing is not as good as you think. Crying? if I cry every problem there, I feel whiny. Am I weak? It's not that, I just take this pain. Removing all the problems in different ways. Diverting thoughts? It was not the best solution. It can be difficult to divert. Surely there is something that makes me think of it again. So, what is the best solution eject problem? this is just what I'm feeling redundant in the face of a problem? am I stupid? am I whiny? am I weak? One time, I got a surprise that made my spirit restored. But, it was only a few moments. Many things that make my life fall again. God, is this trial? How can I be patient? Or maybe it's the name of destiny? Why not fair?

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